Restaurant Labor Law Posters

Our Restaurant Package is designed specifically for employers in the restaurant industry to get in compliance and stay in compliance. With a workplace that requires employees to abide by both safety and Department of Labor requirements, this package includes everything you need for your workplace by labor law employment standards to keep compliant for a full 12 months.

  • Complete Labor Law Poster + Auto-Replacement Plan (Read more on this service below)
  • Choking Poster
  • Wash Your Hands Poster
  • No Smoking Poster
  • 100% Compliance Guarantee




Our Restaurant Package includes our Compliance Protection Plan™ to ensure your business stays in compliance for a full year. Our Auto-Replacement Plan keeps you in compliance by shipping out a State, Federal, and OSHA compliant poster + 12 months of automatic poster replacements as laws change. Your compliance is guaranteed with our 100% fine coverage protection so you never have to worry about labor law poster compliance again!

  • 100% Compliance Guarantee
  • Online Account Management
  • Expert Monitoring
  • Automatic Poster Shipments for Each Mandatory Update