Printable Puerto Rico Labor Law Poster – Spanish

Get in compliance with the 2019 Puerto Rico employment laws by getting the Puerto Rico & Federal Printable Labor Law Posters. You’ll get access to download printable 8.5" x 11" individual PDFs of the mandatory State & Federal laws. Simply download and email the printable labor law poster to your remote worker, add it to your intranet, or print and keep them in a binder. Note: Due to shipping restrictions, we are only offering the Puerto Rico Labor Law posters in a downloadable format. Product Specifications:
  • 2019 Puerto Rico State Labor Law Postings Included
  • FLSA and Polygraph Update
  • Federal Minimum Wage Included
  • Polygraph Protection Act poster Included
  • Equal Employment Opportunity/EEOC/GINA Included
  • Family and Medical Leave Act/FMLA Included
  • USERRA Included
  • Revised OSHA "It's the Law" Poste




With e-Compliance™ you automatically receive a fully compliant State, Federal, and OSHA PDF bundle. Instead of having to display multiple labor law postings our complete PDF covers all legal areas- the Puerto Rico State and Federal Complete labor law PDF covers all of the state and federal workplace postings you need to be in legal compliance.

  • What’s included?
  • Mandatory Puerto Rico State Labor Laws
  • Mandatory Federal Labor Laws
  • OSHA
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Workers’ Compensation

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Spanish PDF Digital Posters

e-Compliance™ is the fast and easy solution where you get instant access to printable labor law poster updates! No need to worry about compliance again. Once you sign up you can download your fully compliant State, Federal, and OSHA labor law notices. Then you will be notified of any updates to your poster and get instant access to poster updates for you to download and print, all accessible in "My Account." e-Compliance™ , the printable labor law poster service, makes compliance quick and easy. Simplify updating your labor law posters with e-Compliance™.

Each e-Compliance™ membership is insured up to $25,000. If a location properly displays the latest poster from LaborLawCenter and receives a government posting fine, we will reimburse your company up to $25,000.

*You must submit a request for reimbursement and show documentation of the paid fine within 10 business days of paying the fine. Terms and Conditions apply.

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