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November 10, 2023

OSHA Safety Guidelines Every Employer Should Know

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Understanding OSHA and Its Importance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Safety Council (NSC) are key players in ensuring workplace safety in the United States. OSHA is responsible for setting and enforcing safety rules, while the NSC focuses on promoting safety through evidence-based practices and the labor law poster. Every year, OSHA reveals a list of the top safety violations, which helps businesses identify and focus on critical safety areas​​.


Repeating Safety Violations: A Persistent Challenge

Surprisingly, the same safety violations tend to appear year after year on OSHA’s list. Common violations include fall protection, hazard communication, scaffolding, and respiratory protection. This repetition shows that some safety challenges remain unaddressed​​despite OSHA’s efforts.

Fall Protection – General Requirements

For over a decade, fall protection has been the top violation. OSHA standard 1926.501 requires fall protection systems for employees above 6 feet off the ground. 2023, there were 7,271 violations, indicating a significant increase from the previous year​​.

Hazard Communication

Second on the list is hazard communication, with 3,213 violations in 2023. This involves clear communication about the presence of harmful chemicals. OSHA standard 1910.1200, aligned with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System, mandates standardized safety labels for chemical products​​.


Ladders, a common tool in many workplaces, are also a frequent source of violations. OSHA standard 1926.1053 specifies general safety requirements for ladder use​​.


Scaffolding-related incidents led to 2,859 citations in 2023. The OSHA standard 1926.451 requires fall and falling object protection for workers on or near scaffolding​​.


OSHA Poster: A Must-Have for Employers

The “Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law” poster is a requirement for private employers. This poster must be displayed prominently to ensure all workers know their rights and safety information. Employers in states with OSHA-approved plans must display their state’s equivalent poster​​.


Texas Labor Law Posters: Specific Requirements

In Texas, all employers must display specific labor law posters. These posters, available for free online, provide essential workplace rules and information. Some Texas employers might need additional posters, depending on their business type​​.


Updates in Labor Law Posters for 2023



For 2023, there are crucial updates to federal labor law posters. The EEOC’s “Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal” poster, essential for employers with 15 or more workers, has undergone updates. The FLSA Minimum Wage Poster, mandatory for employers with 50 or more workers, also has significant changes​​.

EEOC Poster Update

The EEOC poster now includes updated language on types of illegal employment discrimination and reasonable accommodation requirements. It outlines laws prohibiting job discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, equal pay, disability, or genetic information​​.

FLSA Poster Update

The 2023 FLSA poster update reflects changes from the Provide Urgent Maternal Protections for Nursing Mothers Act (PUMP). It includes revised provisions for nursing mothers, making these updates mandatory for relevant employers​​.


Common Mistakes Leading to OSHA Violations

Businesses often make common mistakes that lead to OSHA violations. One mistake is not providing proper fall protection for employees working at heights. To avoid this, use safety equipment and follow OSHA guidelines. Another mistake is neglecting hazard communication and failing to inform workers about dangerous chemicals. To prevent this, use clear labels and educate employees. Using ladders incorrectly is another error. Follow ladder safety rules to avoid accidents. Lastly, not protecting workers on scaffolding can result in violations. Ensure that scaffolding meets safety standards and is properly used to prevent violations.


Safety Training: A Key to Compliance

Safety training is vital for OSHA compliance. Regular training helps employees understand and follow safety rules. It ensures they know how to use safety equipment like harnesses and helmets. Training sessions can cover hazard communication, ladder safety, and fall protection. By educating employees about OSHA standards, businesses can reduce the risk of violations. Training should be ongoing, with updates whenever rules change. This way, employees stay informed and safe on the job.


The Role of Labor Law Posters in Workplace Safety

Labor law posters play a crucial role in workplace safety. These posters inform employees about their rights and safety protocols. They include information on minimum wage, discrimination, and worker rights. Displaying up-to-date posters ensures that workers know what to do in case of emergencies or violations. It also helps businesses comply with OSHA requirements. By prominently displaying these posters, employers create a safer and more informed work environment. Regularly checking for poster updates is essential to maintain workplace safety and compliance.



Staying informed about OSHA guidelines and poster requirements is essential for employers. Not only do these measures ensure compliance, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Regularly checking for updates and implementing safety practices can help businesses avoid common violations and protect their workforce.

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